Structural Integrity Inspections


It’s important to ensure that your masts, towers, billboards and other structures are inspected regularly in order to comply with OSHA requirements. Bidvest Facilities Management has experienced teams countrywide to undertake this important process and report back to you. Included in our service is a conditioning assessment, which includes digital photographs and full reporting and tracking so that comparisons can be made between any of the records. The report is submitted electronically to you and covers all the important aspects of the structure. In addition, we include magnetic particle examination, recommendations for remedial work, and options to avoid major expenses.

Our Structural Integrity Inspection service includes:
  • The structure based
  • The body
  • The ladders
  • The fall protection system
  • The structure’s top section
  • Structure loading and peripheral equipment (antennae)
  • Non-destructive testing.

Let our team ensure the safety and compliance of all your structures, which mitigates risk and public liability.

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