Bidvest Facilities Management is committed to socio-economic development and the ethos governed by the BBBEE act no. 46 of 2013. Our socio-economic development takes the form of monetary or non-monetary contributions implemented for communities, natural persons or groups of natural persons where at least 75% of the beneficiaries are Black people (African, Indian or Coloured).

The objective of socio-economic development is the promotion of sustainable access for the beneficiaries to the economy, underpinned by the following:

  • Development programmes for women, youth, people with disabilities, people living in rural, people living in rural areas;
  • Support of healthcare and HIV/AIDS programmes;
  • Support for education programmes, resources and material at primary, secondary schools
  • Community training; skills development for unemployed people and adult basic education and training
  • Supports of arts, cultural or sporting development programmes
  • Initiatives

    To achieve the above objectives, we undertake and are committed to a range of initiatives that form the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility plan. These range of initiatives particularly focus on education of the youth and support of the vulnerable.

    Beneficiary – Read Trust

    Project – Rally to Read
    Project Objectives – This project provides resources and teacher training for schools in extremely rural areas. The project trains teachers in these schools in the use of the resources and to teach literacy and language skills to the learners. The project is 100% for the benefit of disadvantaged communities envisaged in Black Economic Empowerment legislation.

    Beneficiary – Khulani Day Care

    Project – Donation of various goods for children
    Project Objectives –Support the care of children

    Beneficiary – Manzomthombo Senior Secondary School

    Project – School library upgrade
    Project Objectives – Support the education of children -Science lab renovations, resources, security, desking, including e-learning technology, teacher training, and equipment.

    Beneficiary – Ikamvelihle Development Trust

    Project – Donation towards Career Expo 2017
    Project Objectives – Encourage education and career development -donation towards learners Career Expo 2017

    Beneficiary – ALMA School

    Project – Tekkie Tax 2016
    Project Objectives – Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign for a proud group of welfare organisations in South Africa whereby shoelaces are sold to companies or individuals. Proceeds from the sales of shoe laces go to various charity groups such as people with disabilities, children and education.

    Beneficiary – Football Club Howza de Laz

    Project – Funding towards soccer sports equipment.
    Project Objectives – To gather and to keep young kids together by playing soccer in order t to protect the youth from the high risk and danger of drugs, violence and crime in the society.

    Beneficiary – Palesa Tladi

    Project – School bursary towards blind scholar
    Project Objectives – Support education – Funding of Palesa’s school tuition

    Beneficiary – Asmandia Primary School

    Project – Donation towards various school projects
    Project Objectives – Support the educational infrastructure -Upgrade of various school building infrastructure such as fencing, paving, windows

    Beneficiary – Keitumetse Primary School

    Project – Pit toilets upgrade
    Project Objectives – Support the educational infrastructure -Upgrading of pit toilets into the flushing toilets

    Beneficiary – Lesego Primary School

    Project – School paving project
    Project Objectives – Support the educational infrastructure to encourage learning -Construction of school paving linking two main building of the school which are not accessible when it is raining.