Bundled Soft Services

As a market leader in the provision of facilities management services, Bidvest Facilities Management can provide clients with customised, flexible and competitive soft services, which refer to all your facilities management needs that are not technical or engineering based. Following global trends towards self-delivery and cost efficiency, more and more customers are benefitting from multiple services provided through a single service provider.

With our Bundled Soft Services accounts are managed by a key accounts manager or a dedicated soft services manager, depending on the client’s needs, which means that you have a single point of contact and will enjoy improved service delivery from one supplier which results in increased risk mitigation, reduction of vendor base, and the utilisation of best practices that have been developed and implemented by the various Bidvest Companies who are all leaders in their respective industries. This flexible, tailor-made facilities solution covers anything from cleaning and security guarding to landscaping and washroom hygiene, vending and catering. We give you the option to customise the service according to your individual needs. We can provide a holistic solution with a combination of some or all of the services offered. This large range of Bundled Soft Services falls within a single managed contract, which can be upsized or downsized as required and is served via a single point of contact.

Our Bundled Soft Services include:

Cleaning: office cleaning, high level cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Deep Cleaning


Waste management

Hygiene consumables and equipment

Laundry and Garment Hire


Landscaping services

Pest Control

Internal plants

Tea coffee and water services


These services are provided through a close collaboration within the Bidvest Services Division, leveraging economies of scale to enhance the clients service requirement.

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